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Relive the Shopping Annuity Bootcamp with

Last weekend’s Shopping Annuity Bootcamp in Hershey, PA was an incredible learning experience for everyone involved. Being here in person to learn and grow with field leaders who understand how to get the most from the Shopping Annuity can have a monumental impact on the success of your UnFranchise.

To help ensure UFOs around the world are able to leverage this awesome event, our team has put together some awesome presentation videos that you can rewatch anytime on! Below you’ll find the links to these crucial sessions from the Shopping Annuity Bootcamp as well as some other useful resources – SHARE them with your team and help inspire success!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger


Shopping Annuity Boot Camp – Saturday Morning

  • Opening Announcements – Andrew Weissman
  • The Shopping Annuity Revolution “Back to Basics” – JR Ridinger
  • Recruiting with The Shopping Annuity

Shopping Annuity Boot Camp – Saturday Afternoon

  • Duplication Withing Your Teams – Carl Eklund
  • Enhancements & Campaigns – Elsi Pacheco

Shopping Annuity Boot Camp – Sunday Morning

  • Opening Announcements – Andrew Weissman
  • Opening Address – JR Ridinger
  • Shopping Annuity Enhancements – Ryan Stack

Shopping Annuity Boot Camp – Sunday Afternoon

  • Conducting Assessment – How to Walk Someone through an Assessment – Ryan Stack
  • Shopping Annuity Bonus Pool & Current Deals – JR Ridinger
  • Testimonials and Duplication Success Stories – JR Ridinger


Weekend Documents:

Here you will find JR’s, Elsi’s, Ryan’s, and Carl’s presentations for your records as well as the Shopping Annuity Guidebook, Assessment, Presentation, Video Resource Library & More

Bootcamp Pictures: 


We are always looking to take the Shopping Annuity to the next level. Please feel free to fill out a short 3 question form to give us your feedback. This is not mandatory however it is helpful. You can fill it out online:

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JR Ridinger, CEO

JR Ridinger, CEO

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