Reliving MAWC2022: Full Recap

When Loren launched World Conference, she immediately defined exactly what makes our company and family particularly remarkable: Market America is a category of one. There is no company that provides the opportunity of individualized businesses while simultaneously collaborating with a team; no company combines one-to-one retailing with modern digital marketing; no company possesses a structure of success the way that we do. MAWC2022 exemplified this in every way.

Dennis Franks

A beacon of light to all, our late friend, brother, mentor, and Executive Vice President, Dennis Franks, many times encouraged us to “Stay Focused and Stay The Course.” MAWC2022 was centered around Dennis in his honor. He was an UnFranchise Owner who consistently and passionately strived for a little more.

The first words heard at MAWC2022 were the words of Dennis Franks himself – he spoke of discomfort being our best teacher, of remaining steadfast in your goals, and of being in the right place at the right time with the right people.

Loren Ridinger

Co-Founder & Senior Executive Vice President of Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM Loren Ridinger shared that, like Dennis himself, Market America | SHOP.COM is a category of one.

“Nobody does what Market America is doing,” she said. “We’ve always been different. We stay humble and we stay hungry to stay ahead. We’ve reimagined our company, putting you first in every decision we’ve ever made. We’ve leaned into our purpose, pursued our own path, and wrote our own playbook.” She encouraged everyone to be inspired to make progress, and to stay focused and stay the course, in memory of Dennis.

Jim Winkler & Andrew Weissman


Since Dennis was known for his exuberant dancing at events, Andrew and Vice President of Sales Jim Winkler performed a special dance routine, which was followed by an important announcement for which they were joined by Kevin Buckman, Executive Vice President of Asia Pacific. He, along with Andrew and Jim, detailed the Stay Focused Stay the Course 53 Challenge (named for Dennis’ favorite mantra and his number from his days with the Philadelphia Eagles).

Lauren & Katie Franks

Lauren and Katie Franks, Dennis’s daughters, also danced at MAWC2022 in the honor of their father.

“He should be here smiling and laughing and motivating you to be your best self,” Lauren said. “I’m here being brave, even though inside my heart is shattered and it can’t be fixed.” The daughters talked about Dennis and the life they shared with him and Market America, even showing some brave laughter at old images of Dennis and the Market America family.

Marc Ashley Announcements

New Products

As always, President & COO of Market America Worldwide Marc Ashley’s speech was eloquent and powerful. His comprehension of how to make use of our products’ high-quality benefits to sell themselves is insightful.

The following health and nutrition products were announced at MAWC2022.

Daily Greens



Trial Sized Marketing Sample Packets

Marc announced an initiative to take the company’s trial-sized marketing efforts to the next level, telling the cheering crowd that TLS® Thermochrome™ V6, Neuro Focus™ and Bliss® Anti-Stress Formula trial-sized sample packs are now available. “We’re coming out with even more trial-sized packs, and we’re carefully selecting products that people feel immediate results with,” he said.


Marc also talked about enhancements to the UnFranchise Marketing App, including livestream analytics, sampling, even more product information, sales during SHOP LIVE broadcasts and more — but the real showstopper was a new feature called Pulse. “This new feature is going to allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of your customers,” he said. Live now, Pulse provides notifications for customer orders, upcoming and canceled AutoShips, customer status, reminders for follow-ups and other tasks, and much more.

Maria Checa

Motives Moments Campaign

Maria Checa announced the upcoming launch of two new Motives® products: Motives 3-in-1 Cream Tints and Pressed Pigment Palette. You can preorder each of these products today!

The Moments campaign is about living in the moment. Maria explained how being able to have your make-up products on hand allows you to feel confident in every moment. These Motives® Moments products are easily carried in your purse and the 3-in-1 Cream Tints can be used for your eyes, lips, and cheeks!

As Maria said, “Take advantage of this season because these are the colors that give you life.”

Amber & Kim

Amber Ridinger-McLaughlin, Creator of Lumière de Vie®, DNA Miracles® and Layered, and Kim Ashley, Director of Motives, Skincare and Layered, introduced two new products coming soon: Lumière de Vie Refine & Moisturize Lip Duo and Lumière de Vie Soothe & Renew Hydrogel Masque. The lip duo helps transform dry, cracked lips into a truly kissable pout, while the hydrogel masque provides a calming and relaxing effect in seconds.

Layered brand’s 2 Year Anniversary Collection contains gold and silver versions of nine new pieces. There are bracelets, necklaces, and earrings galore! Wear these new pieces with classic or funky styles, they are timeless and adaptable to your personalized aesthetic.

Steve Ashley And SHOP.COM

Steve Ashley, President & COO of SHOP.COM, detailed a couple of thrilling improvements. Steve announced that customers can now redeem their Cashback through cryptocurrency. SHOP.COM also become one of the only sites out there that accepts super-hot Shiba Inu cryptocurrency, which is all thanks to Bitpay. And it’s stepping into the future with discussing entering the virtual shopping space of the Metaverse, as well as offering cutting-edge NFTs that will offer special privileges.

JR Ridinger

The UnFranchise Ark

Amongst the many concepts that JR Ridinger, Founder, Chairman & CEO of Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM at MAWC2022, drove home about business, the Economy of the Future, confidence in your capabilities, and more, this visionary is calling us to action to join the UnFranchise Business Ark.

Now is the time to Join the UnFranchise Ark as it sails toward the 2022 Market America | SHOP.COM International Convention and the company’s exciting 30th Anniversary!

UnFranchise Owners

Pam And Tony Bowling Award

To honor Pam and Tony Bowling, Marc Ashley spoke beautifully on the lifestyles that Pam and Tony each led as UnFranchise Owners, as entrepreneurs, as friends, and as generally compassionate people. The award was awarded to Elizabeth Weber-Walliser, who had the opportunity to speak to the audience on her experience as a UFO.

“Pam and Tony were two of my closest friends at Market America, and I grew up with them in this business,” she said. “They lived for this company just like Dennis. Live like it’s your last day, because you never know.”


So many UnFranchise Owners have accomplished more than we could have ever dreamed of at the inception of Market America. In a blog post by JR, he congratulated all of the Challenge winners in a big list – we are extremely proud of how many successful UnFranchise Owners we have had and continue to see achieve more.

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Andrea Geller

Andrea Geller


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