Remembering JR Ridinger: A Permanent Tribute

A Lasting Legacy

Today marks an emotional milestone for us at Market America | SHOP.COM: it’s been a year since we lost our inspiring Founder, JR Ridinger. A visionary in every sense, JR’s influence transcends his lifetime, creating ripples of positive impact on both our business and personal lives to this day.

A Permanent Tribute: The JR Ridinger Museum

In a fitting commemoration of his enduring legacy, we officially opened the JR Ridinger Museum last week at the Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM headquarters. Now, members of the Market America | SHOP.COM family walk through the entrance and are reminded of JR Ridinger at the start and end of each workday.

JR Museum

The ceremony provided an intimate look at the man behind the legend, allowing attendees to witness the breadth of his influence. The Ridinger family and selective UnFranchise Owners toured the museum first on August 23, adorned with JR photos, quotes, memories and props of his business demonstrations. On Sunday, the museum was opened to the public, and UFOs who came from all over the world for the annual International Convention took the time to gaze on his extraordinary mementos proudly posted in the corporate lobby.

JR Museum

Leaving a Mark on eCommerce and Beyond

JR Ridinger was more than just a businessman; he was a mentor, a trailblazer and a beacon of innovation in the ecommerce landscape. His concepts and teachings have been the cornerstone of Market America | SHOP.COM, shaping the way we engage in online commerce and business-building.

As we remember JR Ridinger on this significant day, it’s heartwarming to know that his legacy is immortalized not just in our hearts, but also within the walls of the JR Ridinger Museum and his family dedicated to maintaining his business. We invite you all to visit and take a walk through the remarkable life of a man who truly changed the world.

JR Museum

Rea Grim

Rea Grim

Digital Marketing Content Coordinator

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