Replay: The Andrew Weissman Show With Chris Peddycord – Deductr

Who is ready to save money on their taxes?

Last week, The Andrew Weissman Show returned to MeetON from Market America HQ in Greensboro, NC. Andrew was joined by Vice President of Business Integration Chris Peddycord to discuss Market America’s newest partner, Deductr.

Deductr is the premier business expense, mileage and time tracking system. As an UnFranchise Owner, the average small business owner leaves roughly $3,000 each year on the table. This happens due to the failure to keep proper records of expenses that can be written off as taxable income.

With Deductr, the program helps to maximize potential tax deductions and help save money on your tax bill. Now, the $3,000 UFOs were forgetting to monitor will be properly tracked and reported. The goal is to help you save and earn money by converting your spending into earning — and to keep more of what you make by using Deductr!

Andrew and Chris go into detail about the Deductr app and its benefits in regards to the UnFranchise Business. The replay is free and can be accessed on MeetON. Share the link below with your team.

The Andrew Weissman Show featuring Chris Peddycord 

AW Show with Chris Peddycord




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