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Revive Your Hair for Spring with Fixx Argan Oil Hair Mask

After a long dry winter, your hair has likely battled wind, rain, snow and it may be dry and in serious need of nourishment. With spring around the corner, now is a perfect time to revive your lackluster locks! Lucky for you, Fixx offers an intense treatment formulated to help give a concentrated boost of hydration and provide deeper conditioning.  Read on  to for simple steps to getting your hair Spring ready with Fixx Argan Oil Intensive Hair Mask!



How do I apply Fixx Hair Mask?

The mask is best applied to clean, wet hair.

If you have thick hair, simply apply the mask all over.

If you have oil-prone or fine hair, do not apply to roots and scalp.

Massage gently.

Comb or rake through starting at hair tips until mask is distributed evenly.

Let sit for 2 to 5 minutes.

Rinse with warm water to seal the hair cuticle.

You’ll see best results if you make this your post-shower routine a couple times a week!


Click the link to shop Fixx Argan Oil Intensive Hair Mask


Have you tried Fixx Argan Oil Intensive Hair Mask? If so, tell us what you love about the product in the comments below!

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Zizi Barhouma

Zizi Barhouma

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