Rohan and Nico Marley Featured in Sports Illustrated

The Marley Coffee brand is one of the hottest brands in the world because of its amazing flavor, but also the incredible leadership of its founder Rohan Marley. When your father is a legendary music icon, setting out to make your own path can be quite a challenge – but it’s one that Rohan and his son Nico have fully embraced. Both Rohan and Nico have thrived in their chosen fields – Rohan as a brilliant coffee mogul, and Nico as a promising young football player who stars as a linebacker for the Tulane Green Wave.

Many of you may remember that Rohan himself was quite an impressive football player in his own rite, as a star for the Miami Hurricanes during the 90s. It’s no doubt that his passion and energy for life helped him excel in sports, just as it’s helping Marley Coffee to become the number one coffee brand in the world!

Sports Illustrated recently did an incredible piece on Rohan and his son Nico, which talks more about their legendary roots and what motivates them to achieve greatness. It’s an incredible piece which speaks to the bonds of family, and the paths we must all chose to make a name for ourselves. Have a look at Rohan and Nico’s amazing interview in Sports Illustrated, and you’ll soon see why the Marley Coffee brand is so special. To download a PDF of this great article, CLICK HERE.

You’ll never find a more passionate or authentic entrepreneur than Rohan – so it’s no wonder Marley Coffee is the hottest brand in the world! The best part is, when you order your Marley Coffee on SHOP.COM, you’ll be building your shopping annuity with each sip of your morning coffee! Order your Marley Coffee today on SHOP.COM and use your morning coffee routine to convert spending into earning!

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-JR Ridinger


JR Ridinger, CEO

JR Ridinger, CEO


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