SABP Bonus BV and IBV Has Arrived

It is finally here, what you’ve all been waiting for. We are pleased to announce that bonus BV and IBV for the Shopping Annuity Bonus Program (SABP) Quarter 2 (Apr. 1 – June 30), 2016 will be awarded beginning the week of Oct. 10, 2016.

The SABP is an economic stimulus for the most lucrative compensation plan ever created, the MPCP. The real winners are the UnFranchise Owners who duplicate their efforts, satisfying the criteria within their organizations.

The more UnFranchise Owners who qualify for the SABP, the more BV and IBV that is generated and gets awarded. So, accumulation of BV and IBV exponentially increases when more UnFranchise Owners qualify!   

Extra Bonuses to the Shopping Annuity Bonus Program

  1. If you qualify for the SABP, you will also automatically earn an additional 50 BV and 25 IBV for each UFO who selected you as their SABP Partner and qualifies as well.
  2. In addition, if you qualify for the SABP and have 10 UFOs in the left leg and 10 in the right leg of a BDC who all qualify for the bonus program, that BDC will be eligible to earn an additional US$600.00* management bonus in the IBV compensation plan (same rules as the BV management bonus). This will start on qualifying week ending Sept. 30 (pay date Oct. 14) and end qualifying week ending Dec. 16 (pay date Dec. 30). This bonus is per BDC, so multiple BDCs may be eligible for the IBV bonus.

Note: Criteria for SABP BV and IBV Accrual

In order to be qualified to accrue awarded bonus BV and IBV within your line of sponsorship, you must have satisfied the SABP criteria for the respective quarter.

To review the criteria for the SABP, simply log into your UnFranchise Business Account and click the “Shopping Annuity Bonus Program Report” under “Management Reports.”

Organize and mobilize your teams to satisfy the criteria of the Shopping Annuity Bonus Program. The BV and IBV created will increase commissions for those organizations that prepare and act!

*U.S./Canada/Mexico: US$600.00 | Australia: AUD$600.00 | Taiwan: NT$19,000 | Hong Kong: HK$4,600.00 | United Kingdom: £340.00 | Singapore: S$750.00 | Spain: €420.00




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