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When we all start as a distributor in the maWebCenters program, we use the simple sales approach to get our feet wet and make appointments. Most of us get off on a slow start; but we do set appointments. Not as fast as we would like. One reason is that we are very new at this type of appointment setting with business owners. Most of us lack the education of talking to business owners using the business language needed to set appointments. Here are some suggestions to help improve your success. These actions helped me and my wife, Eileen, in improving.
In sales, yes sales, we are selling an appointment. We need to build relationships. We need to understand what needs your prospect has. In order to assess this, you need to ask great questions! Make sure when you ask a question, you get an answer! In the conversation, you should NOT be the one who is talking more. Make sure you are listening. You want to be present, mentally and physically.
–       Take the time to educate yourself on sales. This will go a long way to giving you the posture, attitude and confidence you need! Go to trainings; listen to audios from sales trainers such as Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy and Grant Cardone. Many of the audios are in video format on “YouTube” for free. Read great sales books like The Little Red Book of Sales by Jeffrey Gitomer, Never Cold Call Again by Frank J. Rumbauskas JR.
Make sure that you are dressed professionally and speak appropriately. Would you take advice from someone that is dressed OK or someone that is dressed professionally (with a tie, sports jacket, clean shiny shoes)? A clean vehicle is a must. Your prospects will check on what you drive. It may sound strange, but when prospects use foul language, it does not give you the right to use foul language.
One point I’d like to address is the concept that website/hosting is a “write-off.” Business owners know that expenses are “write-off’s”. They will be looking at the cost of a website and the maintenance as an EXPENSE. When you tell them it is a tax write-off, that will offend most prospects.
Remember to keep in contact with your clients. Just as you would stay in touch with a customer who buys OPC-3 from you, you need to do the same with a website client. Sometimes, my conversations with clients don’t include their website! I have had many conversations about hunting and fishing trips. It’s about keeping the relationship strong with your clients. Remember, you are still a CUSTOMER MANAGER! We also send out monthly newsletters to our clients. We address information that we feel would have value to business owners and remind them of the services we provide. Jeremy Fennema and his team at MA Webcenters send out great information to us on a monthly bases. Use bits a pieces from them and create a newsletter of your own. You have the CRM tool built into your WebCenter. Utilize it! Now you have 31 pre-designed newsletter lay-outs at your finger tips. Here is just one example.
Take the time to invest in yourself, your learning, your personal growth! This path is not always an easy one, but it is worth the trip! May your journey be filled with success! See you at the top!
Jay Sawyer

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