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SAMM Spotlight: Q&A With Kristin Wampler

With the qualifications changing for the Shopping Annuity® Master Member (SAMM) Program, more UFOs will have a better opportunity to become a SAMM, which can lead to more money for your business. With the new SAMM program, our team wanted to spotlight a select group of UnFranchise® Owners who understand the Shopping Annuity and practice converting spending into earning daily.

Below is a Q&A with Kristin Wampler. Kristin shared her monthly BV intake as well as how being a product of the product has led to more sales in her business.

Q&A With Kristin Wampler

SA Team: Can you share a monthly example of what you convert to BV and IBV products?

Kristin: I buy all of my pet supplies from For office Supplies, I use For groceries, I like to use The following essentials are all purchased from SHOP.COM:

Hair Spray – 4.5 BV

Shampoo – 7 BV

Razors – 3 BV

Hand Soap – 4 BV

Toothpaste – 3 BV

Beard – 12.5 BV

Mens Aloe – 12 BV

Cleansing Wash – 10 BV

Daily Essentials – 40 BV

OPC – 43.5 BV

Prime Joint – 42 BV

CoEnzymes – 31 BV

SA Team: What were the first products you used from our brands? How did you grow that list to convert more of your household products to our brands through your UnFranchise?

Kristin: The first products I ever tried was Isotonix OPC3. I learned to expand my products by the week, Monday to Sunday. I learned a lot of tips that were on the Maximizing your Shopping Annuity FB page. I learned a lot of cool hacks. Also, I figured out that our products are multipurpose.

SA Team: Share a Shopping Annuity Hack that drives more BV/IBV.

Kristin:We plan ahead each week by doing the “Monday Funday.”

SA Team: How does the Shopping Annuity grow your retail efforts?

Kristin: I’ve been able to sell more Vitamin B and OPC 3 from being a product of the product.

SA Team: What would be your number one tip for a new UFO who is trying to implement the Shopping Annuity in their household?

Kristin: My number one tip for a new UFO is when you start to run out of your household brands, try to replace them with Market America products instead of the same brand. Every week, do an inventory or shopping list of items that you will need to buy and purchase them through your own UnFranchise. This will start funding your Shopping Annuity.

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