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SAMM Spotlight: Q&A With Rebecca and Joseph Carfi

With the qualifications changing for the Shopping Annuity® Master Member (SAMM) Program, more UFOs will have a better opportunity to become a SAMM, which can lead to more money for your business. With the new SAMM program starting in April, our team wanted to spotlight a select group of UnFranchise® Owners who know the Shopping Annuity inside and out.

Below is a Q&A with Rebecca and Joseph Carfi. Rebecca and Joe meticulously calculated their BV/IBV spending per quarter and shared their tips for funding the Shopping Annuity.

Q&A With Rebecca and Joseph Carfi

SA Team: Can you share a monthly example of what you convert to BV and IBV products?

Rebecca and Joseph Carfi: The top of the chart displays how a two-person household can achieve the monthly 10/20/30 requirement for the IBV Compensation Plan. Then, there are examples of how we reach 300 IBV per quarter and 1500 BV per quarter.

SA Team: What were the first products you used from our brands?  How did you grow that list to convert more of your household products to our brands through your unFranchise?

Rebecca and Joseph Carfi: The first products that we used were the various nutritional supplements, which is a natural extension of my husband’s medical knowledge. Honestly, that was it for a few years. The wake-up call was at convention a few years ago when JR asked the question of why we wouldn’t buy from our own mall, our own store with our own products.  The Home Assessment tool came out and that was the catalyst and blueprint to start changing over our usual brands to Snap, Royal Spa, and Pet Health. We diligently purchased our household items from our stores. It was an evolution, not a revolution. Makeup and skin care is very personal and important to me. I dipped in my toe, then my foot – and now even my face! I am not one to compromise on quality and as I have continued to convert to company brands, the quality has encouraged me to try others – basically a forward feed cycle.

Now, with the Shopping Annuity brand products, the process continues. We have made the commitment to try these products. My husband loves the non-disposable razors and has commented on how it glides over his face, does not cut him, and is right up there with his barbershop shaves in smoothness. He’s pushing the envelope to see how many shaves he can get from a cartridge and has gotten the cost per shave far below the prior disposable brand he used to use.

SA Team: Share a Shopping Annuity Hack that drives more BV/IBV.

Rebecca and Joseph Carfi: I have a few “tricks” that we use for savings and more BV/IBV.  I keep an eye out for sales/specials on consumables, printer cartridges, and office supplies. I like them, and then I buy, buy, and buy. I get partner store gift cards through our eGift Card Center, then through my mall, I go to the partner store and spend the money. If there’s a special deal, then that’s even better. This way we are paid twice – the first time when purchasing the eGift card and then again when purchasing from the storeI keep things organized. I have a running list, by category, of our branded products that we use. I have the usual shopping list. I print out the product list and check off what I need from the shopping list. That way I can order without having to rewrite the product list every time. This makes it easy to spend money! Oh, and get paid!

We have ALL of our major credit cards registered to SHOP Local, which maximizes our opportunity to score discounts and IBV when we eat at registered restaurants or purchase through SHOP Local vendors. I purchase discounted gift cards through Raise – like Dunkin Donuts, so we can get paid to drink coffee!

SA Team: How does the Shopping Annuity grow your retail efforts?

Rebecca and Joseph Carfi: When I register new preferred customers, I introduce them to the concept of the Shopping Annuity, getting paid to shop, and getting the best coupons and deals through Shop Buddy. When they are on my site, they see other products in which they may be interested and purchase. This grows my IBV. Another avenue is through the nutraceuticals, which is my primary focus. I frequently receive customer calls, texts, and emails – developing relationships. Then, I tell them about another aspect of my business, the site, best prices with comparison shopping, best deals with Shop Buddy, cash back, and so forth. They trust me, they try it, and my business grows. Develop those relationships no matter what your focus is, then you can expand the landscape of your business.

SA Team: What would be your number one tip for a new UFO who is trying to implement the Shopping Annuity in their household?

Rebecca and Joseph Carfi: The most important thing is to try your own products. When you make your shopping lists, discipline yourself to buy from yourself whenever it is practical. Make the effort – it pays!

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The Shopping Annuity

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