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SAMM Spotlight: Q&A With Trina Maduro

With the qualifications changing for the Shopping Annuity® Master Member (SAMM) Program, more UFOs will have a better opportunity to become a SAMM, which can lead to more money for your business. With the new SAMM program, our team wanted to spotlight a select group of UnFranchise® Owners who understand the Shopping Annuity and practice converting spending into earning daily.

Below is a Q&A with Trina Maduro. Trina shared her first introduction to the UnFranchise Business as well as her tips to drive more BV and IBV to your business.

Q&A With Trina Maduro

SA Team: Can you share a monthly example of what you convert to BV and IBV products?

Trina: For my monthly example, I convert one of each of the following products (unless specified):

  • Shopping Annuity hand soap
  • Shopping Annuity tooth paste
  • Shopping Annuity deodorant
  • Shopping Annuity women disposable razors
  • Royal spa brown sugar bath & shower gel
  • Royal spa brown sugar moisturizing lotion
  • Skintelligence travel kit
  • Motives for La La clear lip shine
  • Motives face primer
  • Snap triple enzyme laundry detergent
  • Snap dishwashing liquid
  • 4 boxes of trim café
  • Isotonix anti-aging packets
  • Womens health packets
  • Astaxanthin
  • Bliss
  • TLS core
  • Heart health omega 3 fish oil
  • Age management prime Secretagogue
SA Team: What were the first products you used from our brands? How did you grow that list to convert more of your household products to our brands through your UnFranchise?

Trina: My first product was OPC-3 and glucosatrin due to an athletic injury. After attending my first product preview event and then additional health seminars, I was exposed to more products and product demonstrations. I began to budget and immediately replaced my household brands with Market America products. I was already looking for a green household cleaning line, good vitamins, and skin care and Market America has all three.

SA Team: Share a Shopping Annuity Hack that drives more BV/IBV.

Trina: Shop Local and planning ahead drives more BV and IBV to my business. I had to stop buying impulsively and buy smartly. Because of this, I have saved hundreds of dollars annually.

SA Team: How does the Shopping Annuity grow your retail efforts?

Trina: Sharing my story has brought the majority of my customers to my business. Plus, I practice what I preach by using my own products.

SA Team: What would be your number one tip for a new UFO who is trying to implement the Shopping Annuity in their household?

Trina: Be a product of the product! Purchase the Daily Essentials Kit and do trial size marketing.

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