See What People Are Saying About SHOP.COM Groceries

We’ve been enjoying the new SHOP.COM feature, SHOP Groceries, for just over a month now and we still can’t get enough! With this amazing addition you can purchase bulk items, your favorite organic and ethnic foods, snacks, beverages and more! SHOP Groceries has totally changed that way that we shop by eliminating the hassle of driving to the store, standing in long lines and running out of the items that we buy frequently! The convenient, easy and hassle free answer to our shopping needs is here and it is available right on your SHOP.COM portal! Read on to see what people are saying about SHOP.COM Groceries!

“Yep!! Earning 2% Cashback on SHOP.COM Groceries and 12% IBV! Can’t beat that and bulk purchase prices too!!”
-Tony N Annette Chia

“Cashback on groceries, woo hoo!”
-Ken Park

“What do I love about it? All of it, convince, Cashback…need I say more.”
– Pauline Richmond Riley

“I LOVE it…I do most of my shopping at Whole Foods, so I am familiar with many of the brands which are on your site. They are gluten free, organic, no GMOs and some brand can products that are not lined with BPA. I’m placing my order today!”
– Rose Dejana Mangione 

“Love the groceries – organic & gluten free!!”
– Tony N Annette Chia

“Shopping there is easy, l love it!”
– Carolyn Murphy Overby

With SHOP Groceries there are never any membership fees. Just select the department ‘SHOP Groceries’ on the drop down menu of your SHOP.COM portal and all that is included in the feature is yours! Enjoy a flat rate shipping fee of $5.99, no matter what you buy! Plus earn 2% Cashback and 15% IBV on all purchases. Avoid the agony of running out of your favorite household items and add your family’s favorites to your transfer buy or AutoShip!

SHOP.COM Groceries is getting tons of attention! Check it out: 

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Are you enjoying the easy convenience of SHOP Groceries? Comment below and share with us what you love most about this new feature!

Kaitlyn Ivancic

Kaitlyn Ivancic

Director of Consumer Marketing for SHOP.COM

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