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The choice is yours regarding the reward you earn from Partner Store purchases on and your SHOP.COM site. You may choose to “Earn Increased IBV” or “Earn Cashback and IBV.”

Select your preference by visiting > My Account > BV/IBV Management > Cashback/IBV Rewards Settings. Please note, this selection can only be changed once per calendar quarter.

For existing UnFranchise® Owners who have not yet selected a preference, the default setting is “Earn Increased IBV.” For new UnFranchise Owners getting started, the default setting is “Earn Cashback and IBV.”

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You may ask yourself, “Which option is best for me?” Here are some thoughts to consider:

Earn Cashback and IBV
If you are first starting to develop your UnFranchise Business, you may find that generating Cashback would be beneficial, in addition to earning IBV on Partner Store purchases. If so, the “Earn Cashback and IBV” option may be the right selection for you. By making that selection, you will earn a portion of the reward for Partner Store purchases as Cashback and a portion as IBV. Essentially the reward is split between Cashback and IBV.

Earn Increased IBV
If, instead, you are working to grow your IBV commissions and the IBV commissions of your team, you may want to consider selecting “Earn Increased IBV,” in which case you will earn the entire reward for Partner Store purchases as an increased amount of IBV. By making that selection, all Partner Store purchase rewards are earned in IBV and will maximize the IBV created from your personal purchases.

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Alex Tauras

Alex Tauras


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