Send In Your MAIC2017 Feedback Today

Was MAIC2017 the celebration of a lifetime or what?

If you have ever been to a World Conference or International Convention, you know that when the UnFranchise family is together, something special happens. That’s exactly the case with MAIC2017. Our 25th anniversary celebration as a company was one for the record books.


Because MAIC2017 was such a special event, we want to hear from our UnFranchise Family about the event. The Shopping Annuity team wants your feedback from MAIC2017. JR always talks about building momentum and getting better. That’s what we want to do. We want to build on MAIC2017 and make MAWC2018 to new heights!

What kind of feedback are we looking for? We are looking for a variety of things. You can leave us a review of the event as a whole. Maybe you had new team members at the event. We would love to hear about their first experience at an event. Perhaps you had a favorite moment or presentation that you’d like to share. Share with us how you plan on growing as a UFO because of something you learned at MAIC2017. What PowerPoint Presentation from MAIC2017 are you going to use to build your business? Be creative!

How can you send us feedback? There are a couple of ways. You can comment on this blog below and leave us a suggestion. Our team is all over social media so you can comment on posts or message us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Continue to use #MAIC2017 in your posts so we can keep track easily.

Thank you for all of your help!




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