Set Your Clock Back: Growing Your UnFranchise After MAIC2017

Now that MAIC2017 is over, it’s time to take what you learned in Greensboro and apply it to your UnFranchise business. One of the things that JR urges UnFranchise Owners to do after major events is to “set their clocks back.”

Your Market America clock did not start when you signed up and registered your UnFranchise business. Your clock is like a stopwatch. It only advances when you do the result producing activities that lead to success. JR wants you to reset your clock to the amount of time you have spent working on your business, not the amount of time since you first signed up. Many of you are still beginners and still have time to master the Basic 5 and proven techniques that have been working for over 25 years.

One UFO that set his clock back was Patrick Engasser from Buffalo, NY. Patrick took JR’s advice about setting his clock back and has already started to build his UnFranchise business post-MAIC2017. Read Patrick’s message to JR below.

Patrick Engasser


This convention was the best I have been to yet. I am very excited about the Uberization of the Shopping Annuity and the new everyday household products that are going to be BV products.

You told us all to set the clock back and send you the details. I am setting my clock back from one year to two months. You are right, being an executive coordinator in two months in pretty good. I am showing the plan this afternoon, and again on Tuesday. Two a week! I will be on the moving up seminar in November. Bought ten tickets to Miami after your speech on day one of International. Thank you for giving us all a chance to change our lives and the lives of some many others.

Keep Growing

Patrick from Buffalo

Patrick has had his “magic moment.” He found his “why” and he’s acting on it. JR was so inspired that he decided to share his thoughts about Patrick’s message as well as to encourage others to share their magic moments.

JR Ridinger

Team, I received an email from a UFO below (Patrick Engasser) who set the 2 to 3 set the clock back and shared it with me. I hit on this at convention.  Congratulations Patrick. But I want more of you to do it and tell me! Have a coring and get your group to do it to—but at least do it for yourself.

I would love to hear from more of you who set the clock back. It is so important to be honest with yourself and not create an inferior mind set by stating you have been in a long time and have not made the progress expected or desired. It is a bad reflection on yourself and it creates the wrong impression for others. 2 to 3 year clock is a stop watch and only advances when you do the result producing activities and the daily and weekly steps that add up to monthly and annual progress. There is no better time to do it than right now after convention when you are focused and inspired.

The date someone signs an application does not mean the clock is ticking. People sometimes don’t get started right away like opening the office, store or shop for a traditional business everyday and running the business. Therefore, signing the application and attending functions is more like going to school and getting an education.  When one opens the doors of their UnFranchise, the measurement of really being open is becoming a Master UnFranchise Owner because those activities and accomplishment are about equivalent to opening the business for real.  If one gets side tracked for weeks, months or years and the doesn’t do the Basic 5 and the daily goals or steps — were they really in the business? Were they really working for those days or periods of time? If you are ready to really get started, set the clock back and run the stop watch only on days you work to turn over a new leaf and use what you learned at convention. Why not set the clock back? It is a relatively easy process. What are the daily steps and weekly goals in your plan of action or goal statement or steps in the staircase to your UFO level that you desire to reach? Go back to your old calendars, day timer, outlook, or just look at a calendar and recall what was going on in life then and where you were. If you can’t be relatively exact—approximate.  Go month by month and determine what the average days per month you actually opened the doors to your business and did the result producing activities. This includes things like: retailing (sell a product or service a customer, add names to possibility list, follow up calls and meetings). Make just 2 calls to people to evaluate the plan to give referrals (just 2 per week is minuscule compared to what you do in your job for little money). Execute the ABC pattern / trial runs, train/core/counsel your group, attend trainings, take the Shopping annuity assessment, etc. It’s A-OK if you didn’t do much back then. Just adjust the time. It gives a fresh perspective and you can forgive yourself because you have not been in the business or doing it as long as you thought and it is a fresh start!

For me, it is the first step in a new or real beginning.

I would love to hear your new time on the clock and what you realize by doing this and what your plan is.

What does your 2-3 year stop watch time say? Please tell me!

Keep Growing!

JR Ridinger

For more on Resetting the 2-3 Year Plan Clock, watch the video below from JR’s Keep Growing Series.




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