Share ShopBuddy with Your Preferred Customers

Are your preferred customers using ShopBuddy? While you can help them find great deals, there’s no time to help all your customers all of the time. Introduce them to their newest personal shopper, ShopBuddy!

We all love shopping on SHOP.COM and earning Cashback, but it’s even better when you have a personal assistant. Introduce your customers to ShopBuddy today.

What is ShopBuddy?

ShopBuddy is the fast, fun, free and an easy way to save money on your online purchases! It alerts you to the latest deals and coupons available at your favorite merchants’ websites saving you time and money. If you have ShopBuddy go to your favorite merchants’ website, sign-in and click a deal within ShopBuddy to activate the deal and start saving money. 

As users search for products online, ShopBuddy compares prices and deals of that product as well as highlights SHOP.COM Partner Stores that sell the product. This is to ensure that users have a chance to convert spending into earning with theShopping Annuity®. It’s a free tool that can be downloaded on your browser of choice.

Invite Customers to use ShopBuddy

To invite friends and family members to use ShopBuddy go into My Account and select Invite Friends under Shopping Services. You can personalize the Invite Message before sending out the invite.

Don’t have ShopBuddy? Download ShopBuddy for Free and start saving money now as well as earn Cashback on your eligible purchases.



April Laughlin

April Laughlin


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