Share Your Survival Story and Help Spread Hope

Most everyone has been touched by breast cancer in some way. One in eight women will get breast cancer in her lifetime. One woman dies every 13 minutes from breast cancer. The best chance of survival lies in early detection. Market America is passionate about spreading awareness about this important cause. That’s why we’ve partnered with, a charity whose mission is to promote early detection of breast cancer for increased odds of survival. 

This year as part of Market America’s breast cancer campaign we are looking for stories of survival. We want to promote the importance of early detection, hope and perseverance, and we know that survivors have beautiful stories to tell and share.

If you or someone you know has a story to share, please email us at with your story and a photo of yourself to share as part of our campaign. Your story may be featured in a multifaceted campaign that includes our websites, social media and print media.

Melissa Paniagua

Melissa Paniagua


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