SHOP.COM MasterCards Are Now Linkable in SHOP Local!

Link any MasterCard credit card or debit card today! Now that you can link a MasterCard credit card to you SHOP Local account, this makes your local purchases easier to contribute to your Shopping Annuity®. We’ve got all the “How To” details  and more tips, concerning SHOP Local, below. 

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If you have not linked a card or tried out SHOP Local, do it today. Just click here, link a card and make a transaction at a participating merchant.

In Other SHOP Local News…

Managing cards, text messages and push notifications

Desktop, laptop and tablets – You can manage your existing credit cards and debit cards that are linked as well as add more cards and opt-in for text messaging on the SHOP Local Linked Card page. Click here and click on the “Link My Card” or “Manage a Card” button; this will take you to the link card page where you can add as many cards as you would like.

Note: Text messaging is only available to those who have a linked credit card or debit card with SHOP Local. Text messages may show up immediately, or within a day or two, as text messages are based on when the transaction is communicated to us.

You can also check in your Cashback Activity Report to confirm the Cashback transaction.

SHOP.COM App and SHOP Local – You can also add credit cards and debit cards and sign up for push notifications within the SHOP Local area of the SHOP.COM app. Select “SHOP Local” from the left nav drop down and click “Link a Card” and this will take you to the link card page where you can add as many cards as you would like.

My Account and Cashback Activity – Your SHOP Local activity will show up in My Account > Account History > Cashback Activity after 10–14 days and will either show the business name (e.g., Marks Restaurant) or, in the event a MasterCard is used, will show the store name as “SHOP Local” because of restrictions by the credit card company.

Tips and tricks

SHOP Local is the perfect travel companion! – Earn Cashback and IBV on your meals while visiting cities like Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Portland, San Francisco and San Diego.

SHOP Local Merchant Referral Program – Not seeing any merchants or restaurants in your area?  Participate in the SHOP Local Merchant Referral program and sign up local merchants in your area.  When you sign a merchant up for the SHOP Local program, you will earn 1% IBV from all SHOP Local transactions from that merchant. Ask us how by contacting us at

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Systems Admin


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