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It’s been said that remote jobs will increase as we continue through 2022, and will continue to grow even more in 2023. If you or someone you know is currently working remotely this blog is for you. SHOP.COM not only has your everyday items but tons of office must-have office supplies as well. Keep reading on as we give you some of our remote work office supply must-haves on SHOP.COM.

1- Standing Desk Converter

Our first must-have item is not your typical desk. It’s a standing desk converter that perfect for UFOs and their customers who may be looking to convert any table into a workable desk. SHOP.COM has various brands sold through our Partner Stores. Prices vary based on accessories included. Be mindful that most standing desks require some assembly but typically are fairly easy to put together and are very durable. Here are a few things to keep in mind when going to purchase your standing desk converter.

  • Table height that standing desk will go on
  • Highest height of the standing desk
  • Color of standing desk
  • Width of the standing desk

2- Standing Mat (Floor Mat)

The next item on our list goes by many names. Some of which include a cushion floor mat, or just a cushioned mat. All of which are perfectly fine to use and can be found on SHOP.COM. If you’re going to buy a standing desk converter we highly suggest that you buy a standing mat to go with it. Standing for hours at a time can be hard on your feet. Having a floor mat takes the pressure off your feet and helps ease your body into standing. Here are a few things to consider when buying a floor mat on SHOP.COM.

  • The material your mat is made off
  • How thick your mat is
  • The color of your floor mat
  • Width of your floor mat

3- Drink Warmer

I mean what else could be more important than a drink warmer! If you haven’t tried one, you’re missing out. Drink warmers help brighten your day by keeping your drinks warm. They are small and convenient and are on the one and only SHOP.COM. Here are a few things to consider when buying a drink warmer on SHOP.COM:

  • What type of drinks will you be warming
  • Size of your drink warmer
  • Color of your drink warmer

4- Calender 

Even though our phones are connected to our hips it always helps to have a wall calendar close by. Having a visual representation of important dates you may have coming up not only help you stay organized but help you have peace of mind. SHOP.COM has various calendars that range in size, color, style, and type. Click this link to link the hundreds of calendars on SHOP.COM. 

5- Pens and Pencils

Last but not least we had to include pens and pencils on our list. This may not be an item you would think to buy on SHOP.COM as it is in various stores. But when you buy on SHOP.COM you not only can ensure you get the brand that you want you can also potentially earn Cashback. That’s what makes SHOP.COM so special. You get paid to shop.

Though this list only included five items, SHOP.COM has everything you need to stock your at-home office. If you are a UFO working remote, share this blog with your potential customers so they can also get paid to shop on SHOP.COM.

DeAnna Hedgepeth

DeAnna Hedgepeth


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