SHOP.COM Saturday: Updates Since International Convention

We are only days away from joining 20,000+ entrepreneurs just like ourselves in the American Airlines Arena in sunny Miami, Florida for the 2017 Market America World Conference. This is are absolute favorite time of year! We get to share with all of our hard working UnFranchise Owners the exciting updates and enhancements that we have been working on, over the past 6 months, since International Convention.

We talked about a lot of exciting things at International Convention (blanking on some of them? Click here), and it was amazing to watch these action items come to life in the weeks and months after Convention. In honor of next week’s excitement, we are taking a look back at some of the SHOP.COM updates since August.

SHOP Local: There are now more than 10,000 SHOP Local merchants across America (just as promised at International Convention!). But if you don’t have a participating merchant where you live, don’t worry: You can still link a card and get Cashback and 1% IBV at participating SHOP Local merchants in Miami — and at any SHOP Local merchant anywhere you travel! Click here to link a card and earn Cashback and 1% IBV when you dine at one these Miami establishments.**

eGift Card Center: Earn up to 8% Cashback on e-gift cards from your favorite restaurants, stores and more! Looking for a last-minute gift? Fuel your Shopping Annuity with the SHOP.COM eGift Card Center. Pick your card then choose the denomination.

SHOP Groceries & SHOP Marketplace: SHOP Groceries is now called SHOP.COM Direct Groceries and is a part of the SHOP.COM Marketplace! Bringing you even better food selections – SHOP.COM Groceries offers the highest quality products in the grocery category. We have a selection of organic, gluten free, international and general items for an incredible selection of day-to-day products most often found in your local grocery store. Shop from over 10,000 items and get them delivered right to your front door for a $5.99 flat rate shipping!

SHOP Companion® Essentials: Shop everything under one roof! Everything that you need: office supplies, marketplace, groceries, gift cards, energy, medicine, local stores, personal care, home goods, car accessories and more! The SHOP Companion covers it all!

New Partner Stores: Each week, we publish a partner stores update that share exciting news and announcement with all of our smart shoppers. Everything from hot deals to new partner stores, reactivations of old stores that UnFranchise Owners submitted a request for, increased Cashback opportunities and more! Our partner stores team works tirelessly to bring our smart shoppers the hottest deals and shopping opportunities on the web! And we’re feeling generous today and giving you a sneak peek at even more partner store excitement. Click here to view these HOT OFFERS FROM PARTNER STORES EXCLUSIVE TO MAWC 2017!


Will you be joining us for MAWC 2017? We can’t wait to share even more exciting updates for you! Comment below and share with us what you are most excited for!




*SHOP Local is only available to customers who reside within the United States.

**For your transaction to be tracked so it will earn Cashback, a credit or debit card accepted by the merchant must be linked to SHOP Local prior to the transaction taking place (before the card is swiped).

Kaitlyn Ivancic

Kaitlyn Ivancic

Director of Consumer Marketing for SHOP.COM

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