SHOP.COM Saturday: Using ShopBuddy for Holiday Shopping

The key to staying on budget during the holiday shopping season is all about knowing when to shop, where to shop and how to score the great deals! With SHOP.COM’s ShopBuddy™ feature, it is easier than EVER to take advantage of the best deals available to you! No more surfing, scanning and worrying that you are not getting the best deal! Now, let ShopBuddy do all of the work for you! Read on to find out how ShopBuddy can help you and your customers with your holiday shopping!

What is ShopBuddy?
ShopBuddy is an innovative user-friendly browser extension from SHOP.COM that allows consumers access to real-time alerts on deals, coupon codes and Cashback opportunities, accessing and compiling these deals for you! Each day, ShopBuddy alerts consumers to over 500 new deals from SHOP.COM’s partner stores!

Never miss a deal or valuable coupon code with ShopBuddy!
Shop for anything from electronics to fashion; ShopBuddy can give you deals from almost every online retailer. ShopBuddy conveniently keeps all available coupons in one easy to find place. No more scouring the web for a deal, ShopBuddy does the work for you and alerts you when there is a coupon available for a product or item you are looking for.

ShopBuddy updates your daily deals!
The SHOP.COM Hot Deals page is updated daily with new and improved deals and savings! Eliminate the hassle of having to check the page each day with ShopBuddy! ShopBuddy constantly refreshes with the new deals, so no need to worry about expired or invalid coupons.

Never miss out on Cashback again
Find great deals on all your favorite stores and continuously earn Cashback! With hundreds of partner stores and thousands of deals available to you through SHOP.COM, it could get overwhelming trying to be sure that you are getting the best deals and earning the Cashback you deserve! But with ShopBuddy, you will be automatically alerted whenever you land on a participating Cashback merchant site. It’s like having a personal assistant who’s always with you, helping you get paid to shop! Enjoy getting cash back and great deals while shopping from the stores you love and trust.

Watch this YouTube video and learn all there is to know about ShopBuddy, then, share this great feature with everyone you know!

Download ShopBuddy today and let the holiday savings begin! You will love the added savings to your budget so much that you won’t be able to believe how you ever got through a holiday season without your BFF, ShopBuddy!

Already using ShopBuddy?  Comment below and tell us about some of the great deals you have scored with ShopBuddy’s help!


Kaitlyn Ivancic

Kaitlyn Ivancic

Director of Consumer Marketing for SHOP.COM

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