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SHOP.COM’s Steve Ashley On The Cover of Industry Era Magazine as “Best 10 COOs of 2021

“Steve Ashley, A Proactive & Forward Thinking Leader”

As President & COO of SHOP.COM, a global and award-winning e-commerce site, it is readily apparent that Steve has proven himself to be invaluable because he always knows what’s happening within the market and with the competition. He studies the business landscape and helps the company navigate emerging challenges in a highly effective manner. One of Steve’s guiding principles is, “if you’re not improving, you’re slipping” and Steve’s foresight and leadership are huge reasons why Market America Worldwide and SHOP.COM are perpetually ahead of the curve.

“Without question, there will always be e-commerce challenges to overcome. Still, we look forward to navigating emerging challenges because we understand that the businesses most successful at overcoming these often have the chance to lead the next emerging wave of growth or, at the very least, capitalize on it,” said Ashley. “One great differentiator about our business model is that a lot of our customer acquisition and retention comes via our distributors, known as UnFranchise® Owners, who promote the business and our exclusive products. It’s a highly effective grassroots marketing effort that helps us stand out in an otherwise tech-heavy industry. In fact, our UnFranchise Owners act as personalized Shopping Consultants, answering customer questions and helping to connect them with the right products, allowing us to offer online shoppers both high tech and high touch, ultimately surpassing the online experience many other e-commerce sites offer today. Consequently, our business model empowers us to not have to compete head-to-head with other e-commerce sites on their terms.”

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Public Relations

Public Relations

Public Relations Team at Market America | SHOP.COM

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