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SHOP Financial & Debt Shredder: The Key To Money Management

What if there was a way to get rid of your debt and unlock the key to perfect finances with the push of the button?

Unfortunately, that button has not been created, but at Market America, we have the next best thing. It’s called Debt Shredder from SHOP Financial. The Debt Shredder from SHOP Financial is like a Financial GPS that guides you out of debt in the fastest, most efficient way possible. We always talk about the Shopping Annuity and how to convert spending into earning. With SHOP Financial and Debt Shredder, this focuses on the money we have already spent and how we can lower / erase our debts.

To better explain SHOP Financial and Debt Shredder, Charles Baer recently conducted an interview with about how SHOP Financial can help UFOs minimize the debt in their life. Charles is a SHOP Financial guru so if there’s anyone to explain Debt Shredder, it’s him.

Check out the interview below from

Debt Shredder: The Other Side of the Coin

Did you know the average American household is burdened with over $130,000 in debt (including mortgages), which can take a lifetime to pay off? A closer look at the financial landscape reveals millions of people who struggle to manage their debt, which has a reverberating effect on their entire financial past, present, and future. It can derail your retirement, ruin your credit, and if you’re not careful, debt can destroy your finances.

I recently had the chance to speak with our SHOP Financial guru Charles Baer about a revolutionary debt management tool that we both think has the potential to change the lives of millions of people around the world. While there’s no golden key that unlocks perfect personal finances, we have the next best thing. It’s called Debt Shredder from SHOP Financial – and it’s the best kept secret in money management.

Think of it as the other side of the Shopping Annuity Coin. With the Shopping Annuity, we spend a lot of time talking about the money you spend on the items you need for everyday living – but what about the money you’ve already spent? What about your debt? What about the interest on that debt?

Think about it in terms of comparison shopping. If you find a TV you love for $1000 at one store, and also find it online for $500 – which one are you going to buy? The cheaper one, right? So why don’t you feel the same way about the interest and debt in your life?

Debt management is an absolutely huge part of the personal finance equation, and it’s something that many people either don’t know enough about, or just don’t understand how critical it is to their long-term retirement goals and overall financial health.

Even if you think you understand how to properly manage your finances and get out of debt – how do you really know if you’re doing it the best way possible? How do you know you’re not leaving a lot of money on the table?

Unfortunately, a lot of people are in fact leaving a lot of money on the table. Well, not on the table exactly. To be more accurate, you’re simply handing this money to bank executives through high interest which can saddle you for decades and drastically alter your life plans.

Think about this for a second. What if the extra interest you’re paying on debt right now is really the money that would have allowed you to retire at the comfort level you had hoped? I’ll let you in on a little secret – IT IS!!!

In the past, people had a basic roadmap for their finances (if they were lucky) and a general understanding of the direction they were headed in. Debt Shredder removes all the guesswork by utilizing data and analytics to develop a tailor-made, detailed financial plan that’s customized for you and your ever-changing life. Debt Shredder is a cutting edge program that essentially functions like a Financial GPS.

By all means – you can go through life without Debt Shredder, if you enjoy navigating debt like an explorer lost in the wilderness – but I wouldn’t suggest it. Rather, I urge everyone to consider not only adopting this program into their person lives but to also make their customers aware of this powerful program at their fingertips. Talking about debt isn’t always easy, but this is one conversation your friends will definitely thank you for.

Debt Shredder is almost like a supercharged version of our Shopping Annuity Assessment only instead of just focusing on the money you spend, this revolutionary system also looks at the money you’ve already spent and is specifically designed for debt management optimization.

Our business is all about connecting people with product, and in this case the product comes in the form of a revolutionary, cutting edge financial solution for debt. Everyone –  and I mean everyone knows someone who needs this system. If you take a wrong turn, the Debt Shredder will readjust to get you back on the right track in the most efficient way possible.

Debt Shredder is the Financial version of GPS that will help you navigate the ever-changing landscape and optimize the path of your financial journey. You owe it to yourself to find out more about it by visiting

Trust me, debt free is the way to be!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger

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