SHOP LIVE: How To Create And Send Team Announcements

The benefits of SHOP LIVE seems endless. This personalized shopping channel can do wonders for your UnFranchise Business. One of the highlighted features of SHOP LIVE are Team Announcements.

There are two different types of Team Announcements: general Team Announcements and SHOP LIVE Announcements. We’re going to explain how to make each type of announcement below.

For general Team Announcements in the UnFranchise Marketing App, click more > My Profile > Teams > My Team. In “My Team,” you will see your Team access code as well as who your team members are. Click on “Send Team Announcement.”

In “Send Team Announcement,” you can determine the date and time of the announcement. You can also create the title of the announcement as well as the body (details) regarding the announcement. These announcements can range from motivational messages to finish the month strong or remind them about promotions or Zoom/SHOP LIVE broadcasts in the near future.

You can add links to resources or broadcast URLs in the message as well. You can schedule the announcements for immediate distribution, which will arrive to every member of your team within 30 minutes, or at a later date and time. Once you click send, it will arrive as a push notification in the app as well as in the feed of the app.

For announcements about your upcoming SHOP LIVE events*, in the media section of your app, click the livestream with your name on it > Team > Send Team Announcement.

Then, you’re going to add information such as the title, time, and date in reference to your upcoming SHOP LIVE event. Just like with General Team Announcements, you can choose to send the SHOP LIVE announcement immiadately or schedule it for a time in the future.

This announcement will include a SHOP LIVE livestream link for your team to share. When your team promotes the upcoming event through the app, any of their prospects and customers who join will get directed to their site, meaning they will get credited for the sales of those people they personally invited. Anyone who joins using your link, then you’ll get credited for those sales.

For a video breakdown of Team Announcements, watch below.

To access SHOP LIVE, UFOs must download the UnFranchise Marketing App today from the App Store or Google Play for access to all the features, services, and benefits that it offers you as an UnFranchise Owner.

*Note: Hosts need to set up virtual presentations through the UnFranchise Marketing App Desktop.

The Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity


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