SHOP LIVE Has Arrived

Are you ready for what President and COO of Market America Worldwide Marc Ashley described as “the biggest and best tool we have ever released to the field?” The UnFranchise Marketing App is adding a new, revolutionary resource in the form of livestreaming service called SHOP LIVE.

With SHOP LIVE, you now have your own, personalized shopping channel to conveniently utilize for marketing and retailing. Host virtual presentations by going live from anywhere at any time to promote the company’s exclusive products and provide guests with a fun, interactive shopping experience.

Download the UnFranchise Marketing App today from the App Store or Google Play for access to all the features, services, and benefits that it offers you as an UnFranchise Owner, which now includes SHOP LIVE.

SHOP LIVE Features

Hosting & Promoting

Set up and host virtual presentations so you can showcase and sell your favorite products through the UnFranchise Marketing App Desktop. Create and send personal invitations to share your livestream link with guests through text, email, or social media.

Creating & Joining Teams

Create Teams within the UnFranchise Marketing App and invite any UnFranchise Owners that you want to join your team, regardless of what organization they are a part of. Use the ‘Team Announcements’ feature to communicate with team members and promote your upcoming presentations so they can invite guests. You’ll also be able to attend other UnFranchise Owners’ presentations and invite guests of your own. Purchases are properly tracked so the respective UnFranchise Owner receives the credit for any purchases made by guests they invite.

Retailing & Interacting

Set up clickable product links, or customizable interactive buttons, to display on the screen so guests can have quick access to more details and purchase the products that you present. Simply pre-select the products that you plan on featuring so you can show the products while you’re presenting. Guests can chat with you and each other through the Chat feature to ask questions, share their excitement, provide feedback, and more.

Reporting & Following Up

After hosting SHOP LIVE presentations, you can review data to see who attended, for how long, and what items they clicked on. Also, when you invite guests to other team members’ SHOP LIVE presentations and they attend, you’ll be able to see data regarding those guests. This allows you to follow up effectively by sharing more information, materials, and media based on their interests discovered in the data.

Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM continues to change the way people shop. SHOP LIVE is a new, fun shopping experience for your guests and a prime example of the breakthrough technologies and services available to UnFranchise Owners. The UnFranchise Marketing App with SHOP LIVE is a gamechanger designed to help you with marketing, retailing, and growing your UnFranchise Business.

Download the UnFranchise Marketing App today and learn how to get started with SHOP LIVE!

If you want to learn about SHOP Live and its features, then register for tonight’s SHOP LIVE training session on Zoom and Facebook Live. This session will set you up for success with this new tool. Please share this information with your teams and prospects! Register by clicking here.

The Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity


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