SHOP Live – Your Personalized Shopping Channel

Coming July 1st on the UnFranchise Marketing App will be a new feature called SHOP Live! Who wants their own personalized shopping channel! This shopping channel also includes a social sharing network.

Broadcast Events

Set up a SHOP Live event about whatever your business focuses on. Whether you want to host a Layered truck show, discuss health & nutrition or share the business – any type of broadcast you want!

Invite & Promote

You can personally invite any customers, prospects or others on your team. You’ll be able to select from your contacts who you want to invite to your broadcast. Simply add in the date and time of your event and the rest of the text if filled in for you. You can also post your invitation link on social media or direct via email or text.

Broadcast your SHOP Live Event Globally with Teams

Using the Teams feature on SHOP Live, you can invite any UFO that you want. It doesn’t matter what organization you or they are in. Each UFO will have a special code and that’s all you need to know to be added to their Teams. With this feature you can invite UFOs to follow your SHOP Live broadcasts and you’ll be able to others’ broadcasts as well. On top of that, you can now invite customers to view other UFO’s events as well!

Go Live with SHOP Live

Simply log in on and set up the products that you’ll be discussing during your broadcast. When you’re ready, all you’ll need to do is click “Go Live.” SHOP Live also comes with a chat feature so you can answer any questions and interact with viewers during your event.


Buy it Now

Set up your SHOP Live broadcast with clickable buy it now buttons right on the screen of your viewers. That’s right, your customers will be able to purchase products from you right during your broadcast. Choose from the entire family of Market America Products and you can add as many products as you’d like.

Tracking System

For any product purchased during your broadcast, we’ll be able to track this and ensure that you get BV and retail profit. On top of that, if someone you invited brings one of their customers, they will also be able to earn BV if those they invited purchase any products during your broadcast.


Who’s excited about this new feature coming to your UnFranchise Marketing App?


April Laughlin

April Laughlin


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