SHOP Local Available During The Holiday Season

The best word to describe the holiday season: busy. Everyone is busy during the holiday season. Between finding last-minute gifts to booking holiday dinner reservations, it can be very stressful on a person or family.

Enter SHOP Local.

SHOP Local is the perfect mix of funding your Shopping Annuity while supporting local business. It’s fast, convenient, and in particular, perfect for those UnFranchise Owners in last-minute jam. By shopping at local stores and merchants that are signed up through SHOP.COM, you will earn up to 10% Cashback on all of your purchases, which in simpler terms means you are getting paid to shop or eat!


Do you want to treat your significant other to a special holiday evening out on the town? Perhaps you need to book a Friendsgiving with your closest companions? SHOP Local is perfect for date night and Friendsgivings around the holidays. You’ll get a great evening along full of good food and good savings as you convert spending into earning!

As a reminder, SHOP Local can be conveniently accessed on your mobile device through the SHOP Mobile App. Simply download the app, link your credit cards, and search for SHOP Local merchants. For a tutorial on how to download the app, watch the video below.




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