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Earn Cashback And IBV At MAWC2019 With SHOP Local

Who is ready to spend time in Miami with the UnFranchise® Community? When you’re not spending time in the arena, make sure to take in the sights and sounds of Miami especially in the realm of food. Would you like to get paid to eat? Use SHOP Local to earn IBV and Cashback during MAWC Week!

To use SHOP Local, simply download the SHOP Mobile App, link your credit cards, and search for SHOP Local merchants. Make the most out of your meals in Miami and get paid to eat!

Each restaurant is less than 15 minutes away by car (give or take a few minutes based on traffic conditions). Using Uber? Buy the Uber e-Gift Card from the eGift Cards from SHOP.COM and earn IBV. Buy it in the SHOP.COM mobile app.

Below are a list of the participating locations in the Miami location.

NOTE: SHOP Local businesses listed and availability are subject to change without notice. SHOP Local is only available to customers who reside within the United States.

For your transaction to be tracked so you earn IBV, a credit or debit card accepted by the merchant must be linked to SHOP Local prior to the transaction taking place (before the card is swiped). † SHOP Local business listings, as well as Cashback and IBV shown, are subject to change without notice.

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