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SHOP Local: Supporting Businesses In Your Community

The world is in foreign territory right now because of the global health situation. Many towns, cities, states, and countries have instituted quarantine rules that promotes staying at home and practicing good hygiene habits. Although the streets may be empty, UnFranchise® Owners can still experience and help their communities out thanks to SHOP Local.

Local businesses are taking major losses during this difficult time due to social distancing and shelter in place. In most areas, only essential businesses are allowed to stay open and restaurants can only provide takeout or delivery options. Unfortunately, the National Restaurant Association estimates that five to seven million restaurant workers will lose their job by June because of the global health crisis.

With local businesses struggling to stay afloat, it’s time for UnFranchise Owners to unite and support their communities. Thanks to SHOP Local, UFOs can shop at their community restaurants, bars, and shops while earning IBV and up to 15% Cashback on your purchases. This can all be done without breaking quarantine rules thanks to takeout and delivery options*.

Signing up for SHOP Local is FREE. Sign up by clicking here and then linking your eligible debit or credit cards. Once the credit card or debit card is linked in, search for merchants in your area that are SHOP Local compatible. Then, activate any offers they want to use before completing a transaction with their linked card. Once a transaction is complete, if you want to run transaction at the same business then you’ll need to activate the business offer again on the business page in SHOP Local. For quick access, download the SHOP.COM Mobile App to use the SHOP Local on the go feature to link a card anytime and anywhere.

If a restaurant or shop has limited hours or has closed entirely, see if you can buy a gift card on their site to use at a later date. These small gestures will start to add up for businesses if everyone in the community chips in. With SHOP Local, everyone wins!

Note: SHOP Local is available in the SHOP.COM mobile app as well as on the SHOP.COM website. This feature in the United States is only available for UnFranchise Owners and their customers who reside in the United States. Make sure to call your local businesses to see if they’re open or if the hours of operation have changed. SHOP Local businesses available in any location are subject to change without notice.

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The Shopping Annuity