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ShopBuddy: The Ultimate Shopping Annuity Resource

Never miss a deal again with one of the best Shopping Annuity tools, Shopbuddy.

ShopBuddy is the ultimate shopping companion. As you search for products online, ShopBuddy goes to work, determining where the best deals are located as well as highlighting SHOP.COM Parter Stores where the product can be purchased. ShopBuddy displays if there is a better deal on the product at another store as well as the amount of Cashback, which makes it a valuable Shopping Annuity resource.

A few months ago, ShopBuddy received new features such as a Coupon Auto Applier, an Animated ShopBuddy icon, a sharing option, and major search engine compatibility. At MAWC2018, Marc Ashley announced more enhancements to ShopBuddy, which included the fact that it is now available in Canada. Eventually, ShopBuddy will be available in all market countries.

If you do not have ShopBuddy, stop what you are doing and download it now. You will never miss a deal again and it will change the way you shop for the better. Take a look at some of these positive ShopBuddy testimonials from UFOs in the field.

Kimberly Collis

Diane Kao

Brian Fan


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