Urgent: Retake Primary Shopping Annuity Assessment By August 29

Market America recently announced changes to the IBV compensation plan. You can refer to the “IBV Plan Updates and Enhancements” announcement here. You can refer to the update on product deadlines to Oct. 4, “Important NEW UPDATE Regarding the IBV Compensation Plan,” here.

Completing the Shopping Annuity® Assessment is now part of the criteria to exercise the IBV Monthly Accrual Option. To meet the requirement, you must complete a primary Shopping Annuity Assessment for the first time, OR open your existing primary Shopping Annuity Assessment and click through from Step 1 through the declaration. A pop-up with the declaration will appear and you must click “I agree” to save your changes and receive credit.

  • UnFranchise® Owners who are already accruing IBV must retake their primary assessment (from when Market America launched the new Partner Product feature on July 1, 2018) by Aug. 29, 2018 to avoid a red flush.
  • UnFranchise Owners who are not currently accruing IBV must take the assessment at least once from July 1, 2018 before they can accrue IBV.

The company encourages you to complete the new Shopping Annuity Assessment as soon as possible.

Note: Because the Shopping Annuity Assessment is not yet available in Malaysia, UnFranchise Owners in Malaysia are excluded from this criteria to exercise the IBV Monthly Accrual Option.




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