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Shopping Annuity Assessment: See How Much You Can Spend And Save

The Shopping Annuity aims to save two expenses: time and money.

Let’s start with money first because that is an obvious expense. People spend money everyday in some capacity. Sometimes, you don’t even realize you are spending money because it becomes second nature. Spending money is necessary to live. In addition to money, time is also an everyday expense. People always complain about needing more time in the day. The amount of time you spend shopping is an expense that most people wish they could have back.

These two expenses are at the basis of the Shopping Annuity. Converting spending into earning not only saves UnFranchise Owners money, but time as well. Changing the way you shop can result in instant savings. Instead of relying on dwindling brick and mortar stores, UFOs can shop through their SHOP.COM site and earn BV, IBV, and Cashback rewards to fund their Shopping Annuity.

The Shopping Annuity begins with the Shopping Annuity AssessmentThe Assessment is where UFOs determine what products they are spending money on and how much time it takes them to acquire those products. From there, the Assessment breaks down what products you normally buy that can be swapped out for Market America Exclusive Brands and Partner Store products. The Assessment is catered to families of all sizes so the statistical analysis will be different for each home, but the result is the same: determine how much each household spends and how that could fund the Shopping Annuity after converting spending into earning.

Recently, the Assessment experienced significant enhancements to make the process more personalized and convenient for UFOs. Now, UFOs can see how much they spend and can save with the at-a-glance feature and the savings and spendings meters. The at-a-glance feature analyzes how much a UFO household spends to determine what spendings can be converted into earning.

Seeing is believing and with the new savings and spending meters, UFOs can view how much they are saving and how much they can potentially save with the Shopping Annuity. The meters provide clear graphs of current and projected benefits in the Shopping Annuity. The meters are displayed at the top of your completed assessment so you can easily keep track of your actual spending, estimated savings and the ratio of BV and IBV earned by Shopping Annuity Members and Master Members in your organization. Click on each meter for a description of the numbers displayed. New columns have also been added to the monthly “Regular Spending” and the “Annual Spending” exercises to display actual spending and estimated savings.   

These tools are so important to the growth of the Shopping Annuity. Seeing how the Shopping Annuity can save UFOs time and money instills a sense of belief that converting spending into earning is the way to shop. Plus, showing the new visual aides are excellent recruiting tools and examples of how this process can change your life.

Be sure to take the Shopping Annuity Assessment — available at > My Account > Shopping Annuity Assessment — and keep it updated to determine your earnings and savings potential!


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