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Shopping Annuity Tools: Assessment Tutorials In Multiple Languages

With all of the recent enhancements to the Shopping Annuity®, it’s time to revisit the one of the most important tools in the UnFranchise® Business, the Shopping Annuity Assessment. The Assessment is the blueprint for how you will convert spending into earning. It’s catered to everyone’s needs in terms of family size, products, and budget.

In the past couple months, the Assessment continues to improve in terms of convenience, simplicity, and effectiveness. UFOs can see how much they spend and can save with the at-a-glance feature and the savings and spendings meters.

The Assessment can now recommend the top consumable products in step 7. These products have been hand selected by top Shopping Annuity Master Members and the Shopping Annuity team at Market America Worldwide’s corporate headquarters to ensure that the best prices, best IBV and top brands are included. UFOs have the ability to automate their Shopping Annuity through autoship, which will save time and maximize your spending. All of these enhancements will help fund your Shopping Annuity and leverage your business!

Because of the Assessment’s importance, our team organized tutorial videos with Sarah Rose Stack that will take users through the process one step at a time. The videos are available in English, Spanish, French, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese. Share these with your teams because they are a tremendous learning tool that can facilitate your growth as an UnFranchise Owner!




Simplified Chinese

Traditional Chinese

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