Automate Your Shopping Annuity With New Shopping Annuity Autoship

Converting spending into earning starts with the Shopping Annuity® Assessment. This is where our program determines how you, the UnFranchise® Owner, spend your money on daily products and how that spending can be converted into earning. JR Ridinger wants the Shopping Annuity to be so easy and convenient that it works at the push of button through Uberization. Since Uberization begins with automation, we are proud to announce the new Shopping Annuity Autoship. 

The Shopping Annuity Autoship provides UFOs with a way to maximize their spending and save valuable time. If you buy the same products all the time, there is no need to manually order them month after month. The autoship orders the same products for you without having to remember to run out to the store to purchase them. This is what the Uberization of the Shopping Annuity is all about?

How does one automate their Shopping Annuity? Read the instructions in the post below.

Automate your Shopping Annuity with the new Shopping Annuity AutoShip

By now, hopefully you’ve taken the new Shopping Annuity® Assessment and are ready to maximize it by converting as much of your spending into earning as possible. Sometimes life can get really busy and you may end up having to run to the store instead of shopping from yourself for last-minute items. Without proper planning, getting the most out of your Shopping Annuity could be challenging. How many times have you had to run to the store to grab last-minute gifts, items for cooking or cleaning, paper goods, etc.?

The Uberization of the Shopping Annuity begins with automation and making it easier to convert your spending into earning. That is exactly what the new Shopping Annuity AutoShip does! By automating the delivery of products that you will be using on an ongoing basis, you:

  1. Have Peace of Mind: Side step the stress of trying to remember what you need to reorder all the time by automating those purchases.
  2. Maximize Your Spending: Avoid running to a store to replace something you ran out of. Automate those purchases and ensure you have what you need and that you’re buying from yourself to fund your Shopping Annuity.
  3. Save Valuable Time: Why repeat the process of buying products you buy all the time when you could spend that time doing more valuable things, such as building your business?

So how does it work? It’s simple! 
The first step toward automation is to create lists by dragging and dropping the products that are recommended for you into convenient lists. The Shopping Annuity Assessment recommends exclusive products as well as OneCart® store products for your regular spending. We’ve preloaded lists such as “laundry room,” “kitchen supplies,” etc. but you can edit them to match your home’s space. By organizing your products into lists, you get a better idea of all the products you need to meet your household needs. The drag-and-drop technology makes it simple and quick to create the lists. By simply investing your time once to create them, you can save yourself from having to organize them week after week.

Using the lists that you created in your Shopping Annuity Assessment you can drag and drop products into as many AutoShips as you want. This allows you the flexibility to put the specific products you want on customized frequencies, rather than trying to figure out what needs to be shipped out on a monthly basis. This approach also allows you to order the quantities you want rather than having to order in bulk. For example: You may need to replace paper towels on weekly basis. The new Shopping Annuity allows you to put paper towels on a seven-day AutoShip!

You’ll want to set up as many Shopping Annuity AutoShips as you need based on what you would have reordered on an ongoing basis anyway. The lists you created in your Assessment are a great place to start when building your AutoShips but you can also add any additional products by using the search bar. You can select as little as one item to put on an AutoShip and you customize the frequency for that delivery. You can choose as frequently as every five days or as infrequently as every 365 days. Once you add products, you can easily see when the order will ship out, select when to be charged and even postpone an order or make changes to an order within 48 hours prior to shipping out. The company will communicate with you via email when your items have shipped, if something is out of stock or discontinued or if there is a credit card failure.

Take the first steps and automate your Shopping Annuity by building a few AutoShips today. Determine what you need to be shipped each week, every month or every quarter and save time while maximizing your spending. You can manage your AutoShips at any time by visiting




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