Shopping Annuity Blog Weekly Report: 2/9 – 2/15

Welcome to the Shopping Annuity® Blog Weekly Report: 2/9 – 2/15. This post spotlights a few special blogs from the previous week as well as the links to every article on the website from 2/9 – 2/15. Share this post with your UnFranchise® teams so that every UFO can be up-to-date on the Shopping Annuity Blog.

MAWC2019 Recap: Blogs And Video Resources

In order to help you out on the recruiting trail, our team wanted you to have all of the recaps and videos from our blog so that you will have as much information as possible on the Shopping Annuity. The more informed you are, the more prepared you will be to answer questions from potential recruits and customers. Share this important information with your teams. Good luck on your entrepreneurial journey!

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Get Paid To Ride And Eat With Uber And Uber Eats eGift Cards 

First, UnFranchise® Owners were getting paid to shop. Next, they were paid to support local business. Now, UnFranchise Owners can get paid to ride. Introducing Uber eGift Cards on SHOP.COM. This is a huge game changer because these gift cards will allow UFOs to fund their Shopping Annuity with IBV after using Uber.

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Blog Links for 2/9 – 2/15

Partner Store Update: Week ending in 2/22 –

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Receive Reduced Express Shipping For Valentine’s Day –

Why The Shopping Annuity Brand Will Explode In 2019 –

MAWC2019 Video Resource List –

Day 3 of MAWC2019: Business Building –

Day 2 Of MAWC2019: IBV Compensation Plan And Business Building –

Day 1 Of MAWC2019: The Shopping Annuity With Marc Ashley –

UFO Spotlight: Welcome To MAWC2019 By JR Ridinger –

Download And Share The Official MAWC2019 Agenda –

Earn Cashback And IBV At MAWC2019 With SHOP Local –

MAWC2019: Follow Our Social Media Channels –

Shopping Annuity / SHOP.COM Booth: UFO Volunteer Testimonials –

Pre-Order The New Shopping Annuity Brand Premium Shave Cream –




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