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Shopping Annuity Blog Weekly Report: 3/2 – 3/8

Welcome to the Shopping Annuity® Blog Weekly Report: 3/2 – 3/8. This post spotlights a few special blogs from the previous week as well as the links to every article on the website from 3/2 – 3/8. Share this post with your UnFranchise® teams so that every UFO can be up-to-date on the Shopping Annuity Blog.

Super IBV Products: The Game Changer For The MPCP

At MAWC2019, Marc Ashley introduced Super IBV products. Super IBV products are select generic and third-party products that are less expensive than name brands but offer similar quality. The kicker is that these products over significant IBV with values ranging from 40% – 50% IBV! These Super IBV products can be purchased on

To read the entire post, click the link:  

New Shopping Annuity Master Member (SAMM) Program Criteria –

Ever since Marc Ashley announced it at MAWC2019, the excitement for the new Shopping Annuity® Master Member (SAMM) Program has been off the charts! The SAMM program allows UnFranchise® Business Owners to leverage the MPCP at full capacity. UFOs can now focus on earning rather than spending.

To read the entire post, click the link:

Blog Links for 3/2 – 3/8

Partner Store Update: Week ending in 3/15 –

Living The Shopping Annuity Lifestyle: Week ending in 3/8 –

UFO Spotlight: Growing Post MAWC2019 With Colton And Mikayla Whited –

Hello Spring Contest: The SHOP.COM Spring Sweepstakes –

Take The Next Step Towards Success At MAIC2019 –

GoNow Gameplan Returns To Facebook Live On March 4th –

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