New: Shopping Annuity™ Brand Premium Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner

The Shopping Annuity Brand is set to expand thanks to the addition of a brand new household item. We’re excited to announce the newest product, Shopping Annuity Brand Premium Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner.

The Shopping Annuity Brand Premium Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner is an effective formulation that dissolves grease, films, smears, and fingerprints. Excellent for use on glass, windows, countertops, and hard surfaces. Providing a protective clean that resists re-soiling, smearing, and fingerprints while effectively freshening the surrounding environment.

The concentrated pods that can be easily diluted in water offer convenience, safety and cleaning power you can trust. Since our product comes packaged with three refill packs, you are able to make three bottles of Premium Glass and Hard surface cleaner with just one purchase.  The cleaning power of this product doesn’t stop at just glass. Use our Premium Glass cleaner to refresh and add shine to stainless steel surfaces, car windows, mirrors, chrome, plexiglass and more! The solution you need to keep your surfaces sparkling and clean.

With it’s unique and innovative pack technology, you are able to simply drop a Glass Cleaning pack into a 32 ounce bottle filled with water, shake to mix until pack dissolves and enjoy your new cleaner.

Primary Benefits:

  • Safe and ammonia-free formulation
  • Packaging designed to reduce waste
  • Perfect for windows, countertops, plexiglass and more*
  • Dissolves and eliminates smears, smudges and fingerprints
  • Sparkling, streak-free shine on all glass and most hard surfaces*

Get ready to shake, spray, and clean! Make sure to add the Shopping Annuity Brand Premium Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner to your next order on

* Do not to apply to painted surfaces or furniture surfaces such as leather or cloth. The alcohol potentially could damage these surfaces.

The Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity


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