Shopping Annuity Brand Premium Shave Cream Ready To Ship

Collective buying power has won again! Congratulations to UnFranchise® Owners for flexing their collective buying power towards the latest potential product to the Shopping Annuity® Brand, Premium Shave Cream with Activated Charcoal (Single Tube – 4 oz/118ml). The votes (pre-orders) have been casted and now, the product is ready to ship!

By casting your votes (pre-orders), you helped usher in new Shopping Annuity Brand products such as:

  • hand soap
  • hand sanitizer
  • deodorant
  • toothpaste
  • a line of razors and razor blades for men and women
  • sunscreen
  • Premium Coffee Brew Cups


Now, add Premium Shave Cream with Activated Charcoal to the line. If you voted (pre-ordered), your shave cream is ready to ship. The product will become available for regular ordering shortly. Login to to place your order and/or add to an AutoShip.

Shopping Annuity Brand Premium Shave Cream with Activated Charcoal – (Single Tube – 4 oz/118ml)
UC $6.95 | BV: 3

Shopping Annuity® Brand Charcoal Shave Cream provides a soothing and hydrating formula, allowing for a comfortable and close shave without irritation. The formula promotes moisturizing and hydrating effects, helping to prevent dry skin, discomfort and razor burn.




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