Shopping Annuity Brand Premium Sunscreen Pre-Orders Shipping Today

JR Ridinger always says that the most powerful force in the world is people power. Well, people power has succeeded again as the Shopping Annuity® Brand Premium Sunscreen SPF 30 pre-orders will start shipping today. Congratulations on flexing your collective buying power to vote this product into existence!

UnFranchise® Owners have been participating in a powerful Collective Buying Power initiative that has resulted in new Shopping Annuity Brand Hand Soap, Hand Sanitizer, Deodorant, Toothpaste, a line of razors and razor blades for men and women — and now, Shopping Annuity Brand Premium Sunscreen.

We also want to announce that a new product is on the horizon and will soon be available to vote on. The product is premium coffee! Look for more announcements on the coffee in the future.

If you voted (pre-ordered), your Sunscreen ships today. The product will become available for regular ordering tomorrow. Log in to to place your order and/or add to an AutoShip.

Shopping Annuity® Brand Premium Sunscreen SPF 30

UC $9.95 | BV: 4

Adding Shopping Annuity Brand Sunscreen to your skincare routine helps provide an important layer of defense against the sun. Our SPF 30 sunscreen is mineral-based and contains zinc oxide, an ingredient providing effective protection mild enough even for most people with sensitive skin.




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