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Shopping Annuity Brand Product Spotlight: Premium Flushable Wipes And Baby Wipes

The Shopping Annuity® Brand continues to grow thanks to the collective buying power exercised by UnFranchise® Owners. The brand includes products such as hand sanitizer, coffee, and sunscreen. Now, the latest items are available to ship, which include Premium Flushable Wipes and Shopping Annuity Brand Premium Baby Wipes.

Premium Flushable Wipes and Premium Baby Wipes are wipes that can be used in your daily routine.The flushable wipes are biodegradable sewer and septic safe, hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested, and contain no harmful chemicals. The baby wipes are hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested as well as suitable for sensitive infant skin. The bay wipes ingredients are 97% water and plant-based ingredients.

Because the wipes are on the Shopping Annuity line, UFOs can earn either BV or IBV on every purchase. The choice is theirs! These wipes satisfy a niche market where UFOs can convert their spending into earning.

Thanks to collective buying power, more products are on the way so keep a close eye on our announcements. When you have the chance to vote, take advantage of this opportunity and voice your opinion! For more information on the wipes as well as how to purchase, scroll below.

Shopping Annuity® Brand Premium Flushable Wipes (3 packs of 50 wipes)
Code: 2401 | UC: $6.99 | BV: 3 | IBV: 3

Shopping Annuity® Brand Premium Baby Wipes (2 packs of 100)
Code: 2402 | UC: $8.99 | BV: 3 | IBV: 3

To purchase the wipes, visit

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The Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity

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