Using Shopping Annuity Brand Products At Your Next Summer Party

Who’s ready to party? Since it’s summer, it’s the perfect time to get outside especially if you’ve been stuck inside due to the global health situation. Even though your gatherings will be smaller and most likely following social distancing protocols, you can still have a fun and safe summer party outdoors! To enhance your parties, try using products from the Shopping Annuity® Premium Brand.

With plenty of products to choose from, the Shopping Annuity Brand can satisfy your needs in almost any situation. Here are a few products to consider using at your next party.


Shopping Annuity® Brand Premium Coffee


Try this Simple Iced Coffee recipe. You will need:


  1. Fill your favorite coffee cup with ice.
  2. Brew either 6 oz. or 8 oz. Shopping Annuity® Brand Premium Coffee pod into ice-filled cup.
  3. Add milk and sweetener to taste. Want more flavor? Try a flavored syrup such as vanilla or caramel.

Shopping Annuity® Brand Premium Green Tea

Our Premium Green Tea is made from local Taiwan tea TTES No.12, also known as Jhinhsuan sourced from handpicked tender buds and young leaves during the “one-tip, two-leaf” stage. These tea leaves are fresh and pure in order to ensure the product is of the highest quality. Our Green Tea can be enjoyed hot or col so your guests have options!


Shopping Annuity® Brand Organic Foaming Hand Soap

Shopping Annuity® Brand Hand Sanitizer

Shopping Annuity® Brand Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Spray – Single Bottle – 3 fl oz

Cleanliness is a popular and important topic in today’s society. One of the best ways to protect yourself and your guests from germs is through handwashing. Washing your hands is a simple and effective way to rid your hands from germs.

For The Dogs

Shopping Annuity Brand Peanut Butter Blueberry Dog Treats

Shopping Annuity Brand Premium Chicken & Sweet Potato Dog Chewies

Shopping Annuity Brand Premium Grain-Free Dog Treats

Don’t forget about the dogs. We’re assuming that most of these parties will be held outside because of social distancing. If that’s the case, there’s a good chance that dogs will be involved. With the Shopping Annuity Brand’s dog treats and chewies, dogs will have delicious food to snack on!

What Shopping Annuity products will you bring to the party? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

The Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity


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