Shopping Annuity Brand Now Available To Customers On SHOP.COM

Since its inception, the Shopping Annuity Brand provides UnFranchise Owners with household replacements and substitutions for store bought brands. Now, the Shopping Annuity® Brand can be experienced by your customers thanks to its addition on SHOP.COM.

Shopping Annuity Brand products are now available for your customers to purchase on SHOP.COM. The products are located in the Shopping Annuity Necessities store on SHOP.COM. The necessities store is considered a SHOP.COM OneCart®.

The goal of the store revolves around household items that fill everyday needs. The brand includes shaving essentials, coffee, green tea, toothpaste, and hand sanitizer. The store also includes Super IBV products such as ibuprofen and mouthwash. Overall, these daily products can be great additions to stock piles and pantries.

Note: The Shopping Annuity Necessities store is for your customers only. UnFranchise Owners will not be charged for any Cashback, shipping, and/or processing fees associated with customer orders for Shopping Annuity Brand and/or Super IBV products that are purchased on SHOP.COM

In regards to your UnFranchise Business, UFOs can generate significant IBV associated with these Shopping Annuity products. The majority of the products are used daily or frequently, which can lead to recurring orders as customers replenish and restock their personal supplies. As UFOs earn IBV, customers will also be awarded Cashback upon purchase.

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Please remember: UnFranchise Owners cannot purchase these products on SHOP.COM. Shopping Annuity Brand and Super IBV products are available on SHOP.COM for customers only. UnFranchise Owners should always use when shopping for Market America’s exclusive products.

The Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity


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