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Shopping Annuity Brand Spotlight: Antibacterial Hand Soap

Without a doubt, one of the biggest topics of the year is cleanliness. Practicing good hygiene patterns has never been more important. To fight against the spread of germs, the newest addition to the Shopping Annuity Brand is Antibacterial Hand Soap.

The Shopping Annuity Brand Antibacterial Hand Soap is a great solution to help stop the spread of bacteria. Think about how many things you touch with your hands. Door knobs, shopping carts, steering wheels, cell phones, and menus are just some of the things we touch every day without thinking twice. Using this antibacterial hand soap can help protect your hands from bacteria. The antibacterial hand soap uses a non-drying formula that provides hydration thanks to the addition of aloe and does not include harsh fragrances, artificial colors, or alcohol.

Up until a week ago, the Shopping Annuity® Brand was exclusive to UnFranchise® Owners on Now, that’s all about to change for the better. The Shopping Annuity Brand is now available for your customers to purchase on SHOP.COM. The products will be located under the Shopping Annuity Necessities store. UFOs will now have the opportunity to generate significant IBV associated with these popular products.

Shopping Annuity Brand Premium Antibacterial Hand Soap

Sa Antibacterial soap pic

UC/RC – 9.95 USD

BV/IBV – 4.50

Click here to purchase


  • Reduces common illness-causing Bacteria*
  • Dye, alcohol and fragrance-free
  • Gentle enough for use throughout the day
  • Non-drying formula made with Aloe Vera
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