Shopping Annuity Breakout From MAWC2019 Now Available On Demand

At MAWC2019, there was a strong point of emphasis placed on the Shopping Annuity®. Between the growth of the Shopping Annuity Brand and the introduction of more BV/IBV products, there are now more ways than ever to convert spending into earning.

At the Shopping Annuity Breakout Session, Sarah Rose Stack led a panel discussion on how to inspire belief and educate the audience about properly funding the Shopping Annuity through business building activities. The panel included Elizabeth Weber, Carl Eklund, Don Martin, and Len Allen. These pioneers are top earners in the field and have been around in the company since the beginning of the Shopping Annuity.

Watch the breakout on demand below. There is an abundance of valuable information regarding the Shopping Annuity in the video so we highly suggest to watch it and then share the link your teams.




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