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Shopping Annuity Hack Of The Week: Father’s Day Shopping

Happy Father’s Day! If you were to ask any dad what they want for their special day, a lot of them would say something humble like “I’ve got all I need,” or “Just peace and quiet.” This is the only time we are going to disobey our fathers. Dads deserve the best gifts ever and that’s exactly what they’re going to get!

The best place to purchase your Father’s Day gifts is SHOP.COM. Right now, there are a few Father’s Day promotions that are winding down on the website. The Father’s Day Landing Page has all types of gifts for dad. Restaurant gift cards, concert tickets, watches, speakers, and more. If you want to win a $200 SHOP.COM gift card, enter the 2018 SHOP.COM Father’s Day Contest. Also, if you want to receive Market America products as gifts by Father’s Day, order before June 14 and get reduced express shipping!

As a UFO, it’s important to direct your annual spending to SHOP.COM. By shopping through our Partner and OneCart stores, UFOs can convert their annual spending into earning to fund their Shopping Annuity. It’s a way of treating your dad as well as your wallet when you earn BV, IBV, and/or Cashback on your purchases!

You can hear about the Shopping Annuity Hack of the Week during the GoNow Gameplan on MeetON. To watch the latest episode, click here.

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