Shopping Annuity Master Member Program: New Training Materials

2019 will be the year of the Shopping Annuity® Master Member (SAMM) program. At MAWC2019, JR Ridinger, Marc Ashley, and the entire corporate team emphasized the importance of achieving SAMM status. It’s statistically proven that those UnFranchise Owners who become SAMMs make more money than regular UFOs.

New changes are coming to the SAMM program. Marc announced that the qualifying IBV number that’s needed to achieve SAMM status during a quarterly evaluation is changing from $3000 to 300 IBV. This is huge news because UFOs can now concentrate on accumulating IBV, not the monetary value.

300 IBV is only half the battle. UFOs must also accumulate 1500 BV per quarter in addition to 300 IBV in order to become a SAMM. That being said, this is more than attainable and our team is going to show you how with the new Guide to 300 IBV. This guide is an inside-look at how UFOs of all family sizes can achieve SAMM status. There are product charts with BV / IBV values that illustrate one’s spending in a quarter and how becoming a SAMM is easier than you think.

These training materials can be accessed by going to > Shopping Annuity > Achieving SAMM – BV & IBV examples. UFOs will also notice that on the homepage of, there is a banner dedicated to the 300 IBV Guide on the homepage carousel. 

Stay tuned for more updates and more information to help you and your team achieve massive success and become SAMMs. Share these training materials with your teams. Let’s make it a goal to achieve SAMM status in 2019!




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