Shopping Annuity Master Member Q&A With Barry Golomb

Below is a Q&A with Shopping Annuity® Ambassador Barry Golomb seen on the UnFranchise® Blog. Barry shared his favorite BV / IBV products that fund his Shopping Annuity and explained how he first started in this business.

SA Team: Can you share a monthly example of what you convert to BV and IBV products?

Barry: Our Monthly BV/IBV consumption for 2 people.

  • 3-90 Serving Bottles of OPC-3 – 130 BV
  • 1-90 Serving Bottle Multivitamin – 32.5 BV
  • 2-30 Serving Bottles of Resveratrol – 57 BV
  • 3-30 Serving Bottles of Curcumin Extreme – 75 BV
  • 1-30 Serving Bottles of MPC – 14 BV
  • 1-30 Serving Bottle of Prime Prostate Defense – 27 BV
  • 1-30 Serving Bottle of Prime Mens Formula – 22 BV
  • 1-30 Serving Bottles Immune Formula – 23 IBV
  • 2-30 Serving Bottles of Heart Health CoQ10 – 54 BV
  • 2-30 Serving Bottles of Prime Astaxanthin – 47 BV
  • 1-Box of Trim Tea – 20 BV
  • 1-Bottle TLS CORE – 40 BV
  • 1-Bottle TLS ACTS – 36 BV
  • 2-Containers TLS Nutrition Shakes – 16 BV
  • 2-Containers Vanilla Mochatonix – 44 BV

I have already changed the products in my AutoShip for IBV. My monthly requirement is 20 IBV so I’m using:

  • 1 box of Shopping Annuity Premium Brand Coffee – 15 IBV
  • Dr. Brite’s Whitening Mouthwash (Super IBV product) – 3 IBV
  • Dr. Brite’s Kids toothpaste with Vitamin C – 3 IBV

That give’s me a total of 21 IBV in my UF AutoShip. I recommend to those that have a 30 IBV requirement to buy 2 Boxes of Coffee Pods, which equals 30 IBV. Use one box for personal consumption and use the other box for trial size marketing. If there are 2 coffee drinkers in the house, then you will easily consume the two boxes. For big eaters, the Rastelli bundles and snack essentials bundles cover the 10, 20, or 30 IBV requirement as well.

Thats an example of my Monthly Autoship which includes 614.5 BV & 23 IBV. This is every 30 days. There are more products that we use, but we receive those every 45 or 60 days.

SA Team: What were the first products you used from our brands? How did you grow that list to convert more of your household products to our brands through your UnFranchise? 

Barry: I was a customer for 1 year and the products I started with were OPC-3, Multivitamin, Digestive Enzymes, and Ultimate Aloe. When I started my business and could buy products at wholesale, I began to give my wife the products as well. I started to attend General Product Trainings in order to gain more knowledge. As we ran out of other products, I would replace them with Market America brands. I started buying Motives eyeshadow for my wife and took her to Motives trainings. Plus, my wife had her first custom blend foundation made. I attended four Product Symposiums and gained tremendous knowledge. This made me realize that there were many products we needed to be taking. As I gained more results from the different products we would take, it only made sense to use the others as well. This made it very easy to share the products because I could share my own results. I learned about every product we were taking so I could easily speak about them with anyone. When you take the product, you are the product!

SA Team: Share a Shopping Annuity Hack that drives more BV/IBV.

I have two Shopping Annuity hacks regarding BV and IBV.

BV – I drink something I like to call a TrimCaféChino. It uses 3 of our products to make one shake. The products are TLS Vanilla Nutrition Shake, Vanilla MochaTonix, and Trim Café. Put the products in a shaker with ice. It’s a BV generator and it replaces the Frappachino. Plus, it costs less. Here is how much it generates in monthly BV if you drink 1 a day for 104 BV a month.

  • 2 Canisters of TLS Nutrition Shake – 16 BV
  • 2 Canisters of Van. Mochatonix – 44 BV
  • 2 Boxes of Trim Café – 44 BV

For IBV, there are several restaurants around me that are on SHOP LOCAL that my wife and I eat at regularly. I use my SHOP.COM Black Card so I’m earning 1% BV on my 8% IBV ShopLocal purchase. Most importantly, whenever I have to make a purchase outside of our brands, I always look to SHOP.COM first! I am amazed at how many times I think SHOP.COM doesn’t have it, but we end up having it. Even brands that you think are merchant only brands, SHOP.COM usually has a OneCart or Partner that sells it.

SA Team: How does the Shopping Annuity grow your retail efforts? (Ex. How you sold a product because of your familiarity with the product / became a “product of the product”)

Barry: If I didn’t use the products, I couldn’t recommend them at all. This is really a true statement. I can’t count how many times I have been able to recommend a product because I use it and then sell it. I have sold OPC-3 and Multivitamin from day one. These two products are what I started with and since I got received great results, it was easy to sell. These days, I have added Trim Tea to my retail business as I have had really good results drinking it for the last year. People see my weight loss right away so it starts the conversation without me having to say anything. My customers always end up asking, “how did you do it?” I can’t help it if they bring it up.

SA Team: What would be your number one tip for a new UFO who is trying to implement the Shopping Annuity in their household?

Barry: My one tip for a new UFO trying to bring the Shopping Annuity into their home is to do 2 things. First, take the NutriPhysical on your SHOP.COM website. This will give you a good idea of what Health & Nutrition BV products you should be taking, and start to add in these products 1-3 per month. Second, really fill out the SA Assessment as honestly as you can. Take some time with it. The more info you put into it, the better the results you will get. Then, start to create lists of all the products that are shown, and shop at the stores it recommends for the other products that we don’t offer. It does take a little time, but if you use the tools the company provides us, it will make it a lot easier to become a SAMM.




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