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Shopping Annuity Master Membership With Barry Golomb

The most important thing about the Shopping Annuity is converting spending into earning. We all spend money every single day. Why wouldn’t you want to earn money back on your purchases?

As more brick and mortar stores close and consumers move to online distribution, the Shopping Annuity gains more momentum. The concept of converting spending into earning is a lifestyle change that allows consumers to take back the economy. Money goes back into the consumers pocket!

The better you convert spending into earning and understand the Shopping Annuity, the better your chances are of becoming a Shopping Annuity Master Member (SAMM). If you’re a SAMM, that means you did the necessary result-producing activities to fund your Shopping Annuity. Plus, if you are a SAMM, you will receive free shipping on your Market America Exclusive Products.

To further explain the Shopping Annuity and SAMM, we enlisted the help of one of our ambassadors, Barry Golomb. Barry is a passionate UFO who is extremely enthusiastic about converting spending into earning. Barry explains how he uses the Shopping Annuity to recruit as well as the perks of being a SAMM.

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