Shopping Annuity / SHOP.COM Booth: UFO Volunteer Testimonials

Are you ready for MAWC2019? If you’re like us, we can’t wait to get into the American Airlines Arena and start learning and networking with other UnFranchise® Owners. In particular, we can’t wait to unveil our Shopping Annuity® / SHOP.COM Booth!

This year, our booth will be on the concourse between sections 112 and 113. We don’t want to reveal too much, but expect a lot of emphasis on the Shopping Annuity Premium Brand products! During lunchtime, Shopping Annuity Trivia with Larry Rogowsky will return for all three days. Expect a lot of trivia, laughs, and fun!

In addition to trivia, there will be videographers who will be filming UFO testimonials. We are looking for volunteers to go on camera and say a few words about a variety of topics. The main purpose is to showcase the growth and the power of the Shopping Annuity so each topic will revolve around that idea. Here are some sample topics that we’re looking to record.

  • My Why & Why UnFranchise
  • That’s HOW we make our home a Shopping Annuity home
  • Product Testimonials
  • See You at MAIC2019

We need UFOs to record these videos so that is why we are asking for volunteers to visit the booth and say a few words about the Shopping Annuity on camera. Simply show up to the booth and look for our videographers. They will explain the rest. This is completely voluntary and optional, but if your video turns out successful, you can use it as a recruiting tool to help introduce people to the business!

We hope to see everyone at the Shopping Annuity / SHOP.COM Booth! Here are some sample videos that mirror what we’re looking for from the booth at previous conferences and conventions.




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