SHOP.COM Saturday: Shopping Annuity And SHOP Mobile Apps: Update For New Features

Two of the most innovative tools in Market America | SHOP.COM are the Shopping Annuity App and the SHOP Mobile App.

The Shopping Annuity App allows UnFranchise Owners to access all of the features and tools of the Shopping Annuity. UFOs can access and complete the Shopping Annuity Assessment on their mobile devices in order to find new ways to fund their Shopping Annuity. In the latest version of the app, there were a few beneficial updates that you can view below.

The Shopping Annuity App continues to be updated to make it easier for UFOs to fund their Shopping Annuity. The more detailed household survey allows for a more detailed and up-to-date tracking system. The Shopping Annuity App also allows UFOs to link their cards to SHOP Local (see more below).

To update the Shopping Annuity App, go to iTunes or Google Play.

The SHOP Mobile App allows you to access SHOP.COM wherever you go at the tip of your fingers. This great tool offers you and your customers the latest deals from SHOP.COM. Plus, you get to take advantage of SHOP.COM’s online and offline shopping advantages such as BV, IBV and Cashback.

The SHOP Mobile App is also important when it comes to SHOP Local. Simply link your credit cards to the app, search for SHOP Local merchants, and earn your Cashback. You get to fund your Shopping Annuity as well as support local businesses.

With the continuous changes and improvements to SHOP.COM, the SHOP Mobile App is constantly being updated. In fact, just the other day, the newest version of SHOP Mobile came out. Let’s take a look at some of the new features.

These updates are all beneficial to your UnFranchise business. The ability to favorite partner stores and save receipts allows you to track all of your favorite purchases so if you ever want to use that store again, you’ll be able to look it up. If your pictures are featured with #SHOPONSHOP, it will gain you more exposure to your business and could potentially lead to more customers.

Remember to check the SHOP Mobile App frequently in order to receive the latest update. Please go to the iTunes or Google Play to download the most updated version of the SHOP.COM Mobile App.




The Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity


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